Here at Refill with LESS, we're all about making it easy to do your refills at home. We think it it’s the most efficient and effective way to prevent plastic waste but also save you money.

It turns out, a bunch of big brand companies think much the same. In their 2023 Global Commitments reports, various companies underlined that refilling at home is the best way.

L’Oreal said:  “refill at home is the most powerful system in term of environmental impact”.

It’s clear too that large consumer goods companies are investing in making larger packs available so that people can refill from home. Here's a selection of what some of them said…

  • Colgate: During the next year, it is our goal to focus more on reuse/refill… We plan to continue to offer new products that will allow consumers to refill their packaging at home and partner with organizations working with reuse/refill.
  • Reckitt: We have taken learnings from our previous pilots and made plans to scale our latest generation of refill at home products where possible, across more brands and more countries, to increase impact.
  • Unilever: To date, our most successful refill formats have been refill-at-home innovations, enabled by concentrated formulas. We have scaled dilute-at-home formats which use significantly less plastic; Cif Eco Refill initially launched in UK and has since expanded across Europe, and our 6x concentrated OMO liquid laundry detergent, has now been rolled out across South America and Australia. Dove Concentrated Body Wash brought dilute-at-home refill formats into Personal Care. It uses 50% less plastic than a standard bottle after two refills.

Hopefully it won't be too long until we can offer some of these brands in refill format.